Sometimes your head will think random things

Sometimes taeyeon wonder what the hell is wrong with tiffany.  Tiffany always said that she is her precious bestfriend but why she keeps saying that to people that she likes being around with. Shouldn’t the bestfriend title have a more special meaning?  If so why she keeps saying that to almost every people she ever hang around with?

And she keeps posting their hang out moments (pictures or videos)  on the instagram!  Why she never post anything related to her when they spend time together too.

Taeyeon rarely pissed but she really pissed right now.  Yesterday they just went to a super nice dinner and even take a stroll at the mall yet Tiffany didn’t post anything about it (they took many pictures too,  mind you).

And today Tiffany said she will go to watch a new movie with her college friends (another bestfriend).  And just a moment ago when Taeyeon log in to her instagram,  she saw what just a five minutes posted picture by Tiffany with the so called bestfriend.

They just went to the cinema for crying out loud!  Why would Tiffany so proud of it?  By posting the movie figure they would watch later and plus tagging the so called bestfriend too!

Why she didn’t post anything when they spend times together too yesterday?  Taeyeon feels hurt. Like she didn’t mean anything to Tiffany.

So when she hear the jingle of the keys at the other side of the door she quickly lay down and stuffed her earphones with max volume (it’s blasting out).  She didn’t want to faced Tiffany now,  its surprised her that actually its really hurt so bad when she mean so little to Tiffany.

So went Tiffany sat at the end of the couch near her head,  she turned her body to faced the couch back and keep mum,  ignoring the other girl. And it is not helping at all when Tiffany started to stroke her hair absentmindedly while the other hand is playing with the phone. Is she on the same level as prince? The white puppy they raised together?  The thought make her eyes burned.

Blame her stupid thought (and the ballad song she has been listening) that at some point, her tears started to fall out at the corner of her eyes.  And darn it even Tiffany took notice of it. 

“Tae..  Why are you crying? ” she felt Tiffany tries to turn her body around.  She didn’t want to faced Tiffany so all she could do now is shaking her head and resist Tiffany pull. And it turn out the quite sniffing become a sobbing.  How could her stupid thought make her cries a river like this?

And it’s not helping at all when Tiffany suddenly engulfed her with a hug from behind her.  Arm drape on her stomach and keep whispering “its okay” near her ear. Soon the sobbing turn into quite hiccups and they lay down like that for awhile. Until she felt Tiffany sat up and pulled her to sat up too. 

And when Tiffany asked her whats wrong why she cried like that (because Taeyeon rarely cries) all she can do again is shaking her head and looking down at her hands suddenly feeling stupid for crying like a baby. Tiffany didn’t buy it,  she keeps asking even threatening to throw all her sticker tattooes if she refused to tell the damn reason.  So she mustered up her courage and talked softly.

“I.. I don’t know whats wrong.  I just suddenly felt sad when i looked at the picture you posted awhile ago” she glanced at Tiffany and saw her raised her eyebrows with confused yet concerned eyes staring at her,  so she go on ,still refusing to look at the other girl’s eyes.

” said that im your bestfriend but whenever we hang out together you never post anything about it,  it felt like you aren’t happy when we spend times together. But when you hang around with your other friends you keep posting everthing even tagging them,  like you really enjoys to spend times with them” Taeyeon glanced up at her and added sofly ” i am sad”.

Suddenly she got pushed down and again got engulfed by a really really tight hug and a soft murmured “you stupid crybaby” near her ear. Tiffany let go and shoved her phone to her.  Taeyeon stared at Tiffany, confused by the gesture.  Tiffany urging her to open the Photo Gallery so she touch the gallery icon,  there are so much album with date as the tittle. 

It turned out instead of posting their times together on the media social,  Tiffany chooses to put every pictures even the videos they took separately with other. Each date they get times to spend together each album will add later on. She even dragged Taeyeon to her room and showed her the pink laptop she owned and indeed there are more album in there with date as the tittle.

Taeyeon feels stupid.  It show how much She mean to Tiffany like how much Tiffany mean to her.  So Taeyeon look up at Tiffany put on the widest grinned she ever made and reached out tugging Tiffany’s pinky.  Tiffany laughes softly and shakes her head, and leaned down to pecked her red cheek. 




The end!





( side-kick note )

Tiffany  POV

Roses are red
Violets are blue

Taeyeon has milky white skin.  Dazzling gorgeous lady.  And I —

VY  : wait.  Wait..  What is this?

Tiff : who are you?  what are you doing here?!  This is my POV.  ! Give me some privacy will you?

VY  : Er..  I’m the one who create you? This story?  Remember?

Tiff : why are you acting like God?!  Oh my gosh..  Create me?  No way.  Peasant like you create someone gorgeous like me? *scoffed*

VY : … Okay.  ” Tiffany decided to stay at home and order all kind of fast food. The next day she wakes up from sleep and go straight to bathroom and the face that she looked at the mirror freak her outBecause of the many fast food Tiffany ate yesterday,  and she forgets to washed her face before sleep, there are some pimple showed up in her face.  Near her chin,  there are two little red bump on each side of her cheeks, and that little little red bump on her nose.” So how it is?

Tiff :  You will not write that.  Will.  Not.  *glaring*

VY  : i told you to think of some poetic words.  Not pervertic words! 

Tiff : i think what i want.  You can’t order me around what to do. *scoffed*

VY  : Than the story won’t go anywhere!  We need to work as team here! Come on!

Tiff : No way.  That is not even pervert!  I will never think of my wife like that!  And who want to be team up with a peasant like you?  *smirked*

VY  : ….

Tiff : …

VY  : ..

Tiff : what?  Stop staring.  Thats totally creepy.

VY : what if Taeyeon will never be your wife? I never said that.

Tiff : ..

VY  : So?

Tiff : she will be mine.  *eye-smile*

VY  : I will try.  So be co-operative okay?  *smiled*

Tiff : No.  You are still peasant to me.  *mocked*

VY  : Fine!  I will change your role with Yoona!

Tiff : What?! Nonsense! *scoffed*

YA  : Me?  I got the main role?  *grinned*

Tiff : Yoong!  Don’t talk to that peasant!  She is crazy! 

VY  : Yes,  you can.  I heard that you likes Taeyeon too?

YA  : of course!  She is loveable.  Adorable and cute.  *grinned*

Tiff : Yoong!  You can’t.  She is Mine! 

VY  : yes yes,  she is.  You’re humble too Yoona-ssi.  I think Taeyeon will like you more than that girl over there right? 

Tiff : You can’t do this to me!  *holler*

YA  : U-Unnie calm down.  I’m just kidding.  I won’t take it. Okay?  Calm down.

VY : B-but.. You sai-

Tiff : she said she won’t take it.  Deal with it you pathetic peasant.  *smirked*

YA : i’m sorry.  My unnie happiness is more important than that main role.
*whispered: my life too*

VY  : okay.  Bye Yoona-ssi . You are a good girl . *smiled*

Tiff : Are you glaring at me?  Because you look like a possessed person instead of scary.

VY  : You!  I can’t with you.  Stubborn girl.  You will regret this.

Tiff : I dare you.  *smirked*

VY  : Taeyeon-ssi?  Taeyeon-ssi?  Ah Taeyeon-ssi can you come here for awhile?

Tae : ah..  Yes.  What is it?

Tiff : Hi..  Taenggoo! *eyesmile*

Tae : Fany-ah what are you doing here?

Tiff : i have meeting with that pea- i mean that person.  *eyesmile*

VY  : so Tiffany-ssi from now on,  please kindly listen to what i asked you to do okay?  We are team here.  We should working together,  right Taeyeon-ssi?

Tae : Of course!  That is the point of team work! Right Fany-ah? *smile*

Tiff : Right. *eyesmile*

VY  : Thank you for your time Taeyeon-ssi.  You can go now. *bowwed*

Tae : ah just that? Okay than.  Fany-ah lets hang out together later on okay?  *grinned*

Tiff : Okay,  Tae.  See you later.  *eyesmile*

VY : So.. We are okay right?  *smiled* lets worked hard from now on!  *bowwed*

Tiff : P E A S A N T  *flipped hair*

VY : aajsj@jsjduejstuikjmkl@kkjh!!